Past Projects

Heartthrob Exhaust 2007 GM Silverado Project Truck

Our 2007 GM Silverado was featured on several episodes of Truck U on Speed Channel.  This truck features GM's displacement on demand 5.3L engine.  A special thanks to the team at Truck U, and the generous contributors for the great products we will be adding to this vehicle.  We also displayed this vehicle at the 2007 SEMA show in Las Vegas.

This was a tricky one to get a good sound out of.  We tested dozens of designs of mufflers to find just the right combination.  We needed something that flows better than o.e. and gives a nice performance sound.  This was not hard to do.  What was difficult, was getting the vehicle to have a nice sound when it is up to speed, the engine is warmed up, and running in 4 cylinder mode, with the displacement on demand system engaged.  If you can imagine your muscular sounding V8 pickup all of a sudden sounding like a sport compact 4 cylinder car with the big muffler and tip on it, you get the picture.  Through dozens of hours in muffler design, flowbench testing, and road testing for sound, we came up with a specially-tuned muffler for the displacement on demand engines.  (All 2007 new body style Silverado 5.3L pickups have the displacement on demand system).  The sound in 8 cylinder mode in the cab is a little more aggressive than o.e., and more noticeable at the tail pipes.  In 4 cylinder mode, a small change in pitch is noticed, a little more than the o.e. pitch, but very liveable and not annoying.  In all honesty, we were hoping for a little bit more aggressive sound inside and at the rear, but through extensive sound testing, found the quieter sound to be much more liveable in the cab when in 4 cylinder mode.  We felt this would be a better product.

Click on the following link to see pictures of the kit installed at our shop on this vehicle:

Here are some pictures of the truck to see how it started life as:

Heartthrob Exhaust--split rear cat-back dual system
JBL/Infiniti/Harmon Kardon--sound system, including; drive & play, 2-portable device interface, amp, and speakers
Steffens Enterprises-- Style Step running boards that won a best new accessory award at SEMA.  They also make tonneau covers and truck bed cargo organizing systems.  They will be featuring all three in association with this build up.
Precision Grilles--custom grill
BDS Suspension--suspension lift kit
Bushwacker--fender flares
Volant Performance--cold air intake

Just before loading for SEMA 2007: