WD Info

We are currently looking for additional WD's to stock our products. We give very competitive pricing in our WD program. This program is open to automotive related businesses with a tax i.d. number. The WD must:

If requested, we will link the WD's website to our website to drive sales that way.

The WD gets our competitive WD pricing program with a $5000 buy in, and is locked in at the WD prices for future smaller purchases.

Do you have a sample of a kit you would like us to make for you? We make a lot of products that are of our customer's design that we do not catalog because we will only sell to that customer. We can handle special requests

Our business is rapidly changing and growing, we invite any interested WD's to come grow with us. Contact Mike at 320-693-0222 with any questions on our WD program or our private label program.